I'm Taking Something That Works Extremely Well. Is It Safe?


Asked by Baseball Guy

I'm Taking Something That Works Extremely Well. Is It Safe?

I'm 43 and in the last year I have really struggled with getting and maintaining erections. My specific question is on the safety of supplements. My wife met a lady who happened to distribute a supplement for enhancing sexual performance. She said it was brand new in the U.S. and gave her two pills to have me sample. On their website, it lists ingredients and all were verifiable but it did say one ingredient was not disclosed for proprietary reasons. Long story short, I tried the sample and it worked extremely well for me. I had numerous erections for several days but I am concerned about the "proprietary" ingredient. I know diet supplements aren't regulated and Im sure it's the same here. Has anyone heard of or taken Reliable Richard? I want to order more but also want to be careful. If you are a medical professional or someone with experience, can you please look at the ingredients on their website and share your thoughts? Just add the dot come to reliablerichard. It was much more effective for me than the prescriptions I have tried and that scares me. What could be in there that might be harmful? Thank you!


I have never heard of Reliable Richard. It is impossible to know anything about its safety as it is proprietary. How about using Reliable- Viagra, Levitra or Cialis!!

Answered by Jay Motola, M.D.