Teenager Leaps to Death After Eating Pot Cookie

According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a Colorado teenager leapt to his death after eating a cookie made with marijuana in March of 2014.

The 19-year old man was said to have gotten the cookie from his 23-year old friend, who had purchased it in a store and was advised to divide the cookie into six pieces before eating it. If the cookie was properly divided, each piece contained about 10mg of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The young man at first did follow instructions, eating only bits of the cookie, but after feeling no results within 30 to 60 minutes, he continued to eat the rest.

The report went on to describe that over the course of the next few hours, the young man displayed erratic speech and hostility, before jumping from a fourth floor balcony of his building. The boy was said to die from the trauma of the fall, and the autopsy revealed that his levels of THC were above the legal Colorado limit to drive a car.

Edible marijuana products typically take between one and two hours after consumption to produce an effect, compared to inhaling the drug which takes only minutes. Experts say that because of this delay, people may consume edible pot products at a higher serving size.

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana in 2012, opening products for sale in 2014. In February of 2015, officials began rolling out new rules that would strengthen the packaging and labels on edible marijuana products. These would outline each 10mg serving or require the products to contain no more than 10mg of THC altogether.

Nevertheless, experts say this incident shows that there’s a need for “improved public health messaging.” 

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Sourced from: LiveScience, Pot Death: Teen Leaps 4 Stories After Eating Marijuana Cookie