Teens and Pot: A Number of Options, From Smoking to Edibles

by Diane Domina Senior Content Production Editor

Research from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles suggests that most teens who have used marijuana have tried it in more than one form, including cannabis products that are smoked or vaped and edibles.

The researchers conducted a survey Involving 3,177 10th-graders from 10 high schools in the Los Angeles area from January to October 2015, which was prior to the 2018 legalization of recreational marijuana in the state. One question asked whether the teens had ever used smoked marijuana, weed, hash, reefer, or bud; used liquid pot (dabbed or used a weed pen); or consumed THC-infused drinks, brownies, butter, or oil. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

According to the researchers, 33.9 percent of the teens surveyed reported they had used cannabis. Of these, 61.7 percent reported using marijuana in multiple forms. The most common method of using the drug was smoking; but nearly 8 percent of users reported using edibles or vaping but not smoking pot.

This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is part of ongoing research examining patterns of substance abuse and mental health over time.

Sourced from: JAMA Network Open

Diane Domina
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