Teens and Suicide on Dr. Phil Today

Patient Expert

It's a horrifying depression statistic. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens. Why is the suicide rate among teens so high?

Today, the Dr. Phil Show is "Teens under Pressure." Here's the description of the show from Dr. Phil's web site:

Teenagers today are more stressed than ever before from the pressure to get into college to helping with family finances and many find themselves at the breaking point. The alarming rise in the number of teens taking their own lives is leaving parents desperate for answers. Could you be missing cues that your child is in trouble? Dr. Phil gives you the warning signs and explains what you can do to help a teen on the brink. Then, actor and best-selling author Hill Harper has a candid conversation with a group of young adults who feel pushed to the brink. And, Dr. Phil features the documentary Race to Nowhere, which examines the pressure many teens feel to succeed. It's an important Dr. Phil you won't want to miss!

If you miss the show today, it will be online on TV.com tomorrow. The link will be on Dr. Phil's web site later today.

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