Multiple Sclerosis

Meet 6 Incredible Teens With MS

These teenagers have lots more to deal with than most kids their age. But do they let multiple sclerosis stop them? No way.

(clockwise from top left) Sammy Gold, Gracie Hull, Shaye Eggenberger, Michael Musangu, Isela Zepeda, Grace NelsonCourtesy of subjects
    Grace Nelson 01
    Courtesy of Grace Nelson
    Isela Zepeda 02
    Courtesy of Isela Zepeda
    Michael Musangu 02
    Courtesy of Michael Musungu
    Sammy Gold 01
    Courtesy of Sammy Gold
    Gracie Hull 02
    Courtesy of Gracie Hull
    Shaye Eggenberger 04
    Courtesy of Shaye Eggenberger

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    Lambeth Hochwald

    Lambeth Hochwald


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