Temporary Gerd?


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Temporary Gerd?

I recently suffered from what my doctor said was a stomach virus. It began nearly 4 weeks ago with a scratchy throat and sneezing which occurred off and on for several days. I don't recall any abdominal discomfort because really I wasn't paying attention. Then on the fourth day of this, when I thought I was recovered, I had a sudden bout of diarrhea. Directly after this my throat burned. For weeks now I have had bowel issues which seem to have subsided and also regurgitation with a horrible taste in my mouth,aa a white coated tongue, sinus issues where my head feels like a balloon, constantly losing my voice. I seem to bloat right beneath my breasts in my abdomen. Because of all these issues i couldn't eat anything solid for roughly 10 days or sleep and i have lost, last i was weighed which was three days ago, 15 pounds and only started eating solids 2 days ago, though it feels like i'm forcing myself, with less bowel issues but tons of bloating that seems to make the GERD worse. Also i seem to have aches up my arms and legs and in my lower back, though i have been laying down quite frequently for weeks so i don't know if that could be the case. I had gone to a walk-on clinic when this all started and was prescribed omoxicillin of which i took two and stopped when they made me feel like i was going to pass out. My family doctor claims this may have killed good bacteria in my stomach which is prolonging the virus. This is now going into my fourth week.

I have had stomach issues since i was a young teenager where my stomach would burn and i would have a loose bowel movement or two and it would be over, or if there were no bathroom, the pain would eventually sort itself out. I am a very paranoid anxious person, and i've never eaten especially healthy or slept well or exercised regularly, so i assumed it was all related to that. It was never debilitating and i don't ever remember having throat or sinus issues so i'm assuming i didn't have reflux then.

I am afraid now that I will have to live with GERD for the rest of my life, is there ANY hope that this will go away? I'm afraid maybe all my stress has come to fruition (before this started i had been commuting 4 hours to and from work every day and working night shifts for Christmas for roughly a month) and this is now a chronic condition and i just don't think i can do this for the rest of my life. i was on nexium for a week with no affect, and now im on my third day of prevacid with slightly better results but still symptoms persist. And the bloating is unbelievable and the sinus pressure as well, i dont even have to be lying down for it to make its way up there.

Does this sound like its here to stay? Now that i recognize the symptoms they are especially hard to ignore. I have anxiety about eating food now for fear it'll come out in a bad way and don't know if my lack of appetite is now psychological or still because of the virus bothering my stomach, as all my bowel movements while now solid have been horribly acidic. I've been sent for an ultrasound for various organs for which im still waiting for whatever results from that and i just had a barium swallow to examine my upper gi tract and the dude claimed it didn't look like there was anything serious. I'm afraid that these symptoms won't go away or if they do they'll keep recurring, especially after I'm done the prevacid which i was only given a weeks worth of. Am i doomed?



I am so sorry to hear about your non stop series of illnesses. Keep in mind that I am a mom and not a doctor. Kids with reflux often have a temporary worsening of their reflux following an illness, especially a stomach illness. The symptoms may also worsen after antibiotic treatment when all of the good bacteria in the gut is killed off by the medication that is trying to fight off an infection. If that is the case, time, careful eating and some medication may return your stomach to status quo.

It usually takes about 2 weeks to know if acid reduction medication is working. I hope the doctor will rule out another cause for the symptoms such as infection in the gi tract. Sometimes when you immune system is down and out, another germ comes along and takes hold.

Certainly your concerns about eating and anticipation of pain/discomfort set up a difficult situation for digestion. Your stomach needs a calm brain to digest properly. See if you can keep to a diet of easy to digest foods and comfort foods (avoid fat, fried food, acidic food such as tomato). Avoid eating on the run and allow your stomach time to digest after a meal, including having access to a bathroom.

If the family doctor has run out of ideas, it might be a good idea to see a gi specialist.

Good luck!

Jan Gambino

The Reflux Mom

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