Temporary Situational Schizophrenia?


Asked by Calily

Temporary Situational Schizophrenia?

Is there a such thing as temporary situational schizopania?. From my teenage years from about 12 years old to about 19 years old, to early adult years , I was "homeschooled". I wasn't really homeschooled because nonone homeschooled me, I taught myself through a self taught curiculum, which my dad insisted I do. He would give me mental and emotional abuse to control me. Basically he sort of brainwashed me. For the majority of the time, I was all alone. Thankfully the very few social outlets I experienced are because of my mom who didn't live with me, and my brother who also had left, because my dad didn't see the need for me to socalize; he would critize me for spending time with younger people or whenever there was some social gathering, he strongly discouraged me from going because he didn't want me to hang out with the "jones". When I had seen people after not being able to for an especially long time, I would smile almost incessantly just because I was happy to have that human interaction. Eventhough I tried to fight it, depression slowly set in.

Question: Back then I tried to maintain my sanity by listening to the radio, watching tv. and talking to myself. In hindsight, I remember I did go crazy on a few occasions. I would imagine that I was talking to myself through other people (my voice and words would be coming through other people). And at some point, I would imagine that whenever I was with people that a vison of me in the future wold pop up so that both me and the people with me could see (like a way for the "future lonely me" to have company). On a few occasions, I imagined that people said things, which they really didn't say, but I snapped out of it almost immediately. I never heard voices or saw people who weren't tuly there.

I am in my early twenties now and have broken free from my controlling dad and have gone to college and socalized and have worked jobs. I no longer experience any of the symptoms mentioned above. Is there a such thing as temporary situational schizophenia?


Hello Calily,

I am sorry to hear of the abuse you suffered as a young woman. It wasn't right. You are to be praised for having gone to college and achieved things.

There is a diagnosis, brief reactive psychosis, that is given when a person experiences a psychotic break in response to a life event. I'm not a medical professional so I can't diagnose what happened to you, I can only tell you that there is such a diagnosis that differs from the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Also, people who are abused could develop schizophrenia or a similar mental illness, if you read the SharePosts here, you will see some of us were abused.

Keep doing what you're doing to stay healthy. Should your problems return, talk to a professional.



Answered by Christina Bruni