Teri - I Have Been Diagnosed With Depression And My Hips Hurt Bad!


Asked by NshokNdNile

Teri - I Have Been Diagnosed With Depression And My Hips Hurt Bad!


I DO wake up at night in pain... It hurts to do things I used to do like sit "cross-legged" and simply bend over or get up off of the floor... or get out of my chair at work. I don't wear heels... I've been tested and x-ray'd for arthritis.

I was in outpatient therapy for 5 weeks back in April - NO work - and my hip pain slowly started to get better about 3-4 weeks into it. I have returned to my horrible job (extremely high stress) and my hips began to hurt about a month back into work. I think part of the answer is to find a new job.

Is this common? Extreme hip pain and depression? I'm a 29 year old female with a long history /background in dance and it feels like I went from being "rubber band flexible" to an extremely stiff old lady overnite. I've dealt with this for almost a year now. It started in June of last year. In April of last year, I held my Grandfather's hand when he passed... My boyfriend of 10 years ended our relationship a week after (and shacked up with a "friend" of mine), then I found out my dog had a horrible tumor in his prostate. My beautiful 52 year old step mother died suddenly in her sleep in July and in September I had to have my dog put to sleep (the one true love of my life). The hip pain started in June when I would sit "cross legged" on the couch knitting while spending time with my sick pup. I noticed it hurt extremely bad to get up. I'm going to therapy for PTSD, grief counseling and bi-polar disorder. Is it possible that it is stress /depression induced? Does anyone else have hip pain so bad that it makes you wake up crying at night? I have a pretty high threshold for pain tolerance...

Thank you everyone.


Hi, there. It sounds like you could have multiple things going on. Yes, depression can cause physical pain, although I haven't heard of it being hip pain, but seeing that you've been very active in the past, it could be something that can't be seen in x-rays. I don't think sitting cross-legged helps much. Have you tried any physical therapy? Maybe it's ligaments. I think depression can also exaggerate "real" pain. You could try some complementary therapies like acupuncture or some form of body work, or even a chiropractor. I used to have hip pain, diagnosed as bursitis, but it's eventually gone away, am not sure why. I see a chiropractor regularly and am in therapy for PTSD and depression, also. But I do know that the mind and body are very connected. I hope you can find some relief soon. Maybe you felt better when you were off work because you weren't sitting at a desk all day. Perhaps even getting a chair that's more ergonomically suited to you could be helpful. Best of luck to you.