Her2 Test: "Equivocal" Results: Chemo Or Not?


Asked by Linda

Her2 Test: "Equivocal" Results: Chemo Or Not?

I have IDC and it is stage 1, grade 1. Her2 test

is "Equivocal".

I now am having a FISH test. If it comes back negative...I am still worried and wonder if I should take chemo. I have 4 siblings who have all been diagnosed with cancer in the past 6 years (various types...not breast cancer). Thank you.


Hi Linda - First of all, your siblings with cancer don't raise your chances of having breast cancer - so far as researchers know at this point. Please ask your doctor about the Oncotype-DX test; it will tell you how much chemo would help you, should you choose to take it. If your HER2 is negative and Oncotype score low, I'd say you could resposibly choose to avoid chemo. Also, please discuss this with your oncologist. S/he will be able to show you statistics regarding recurrence that can help you make this decision.

Finally, don't decide to do chemo "just as a precautionary thing." If the tests say you don't need it; your doctor says you don't need it; and you're not a major worrier, then I'd avoid it. Chemo can have long-lasting side effects; I'm 8 years past chemo, and still feeling it. It's powerful stuff (for a reason), and affects all parts of your body, not just the cancer.

Best of luck- PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel