Testosterone Supplements Raising Ldl


Asked by db2

Testosterone Supplements Raising Ldl


I've been using androgel for several years for hypoganidism. There seems to be a general perception that T supplementation lowers LDL. However in my case, I had a baseline LDL of 162 - I stopped T for 30 days, and it went down to 129. To test my theory I measured again after 30 days on T and it had gone up to 152.

HDL and Tricglycerides remained essentially the same during all 3 tests - HDL around 45, and Trig, around 95 This change in LDL seems significant to me. Any thoughts?

My cardiologist thinks at the LDL 162 level I should be on cholesterol meds because of family history. (no personal CHD symptoms, however). Have had stress test and ultrasound - all normal.


Hi db2,

It is possible for testosterone supplements to cause elevated LDL cholesterol as you've experienced. I recommend discussing a comprehensive lipid panel with your physician to look at your LDL particle size and determine if you need to treat the elevated LDL with medication. If you are not familiar with this you can look online at the Lipoprotein Particle Panel provided by SpectraCell Labs.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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