Tests Show Drug 'Reverses' Aging in Mice

Researchers at Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands say that they have developed a drug that can, in effect, reverse certain aspects of aging. The findings, which Dr Dusko Ilic, a stem cell scientist at King's College London, called "impossible to dismiss," were published in the journal Cell.

The drug created by the Erasmus University team works by selectively killing "senescent" cells in the body that are linked to inflammation and to aging. The research shows that the drug has restored previously inhibited organ function and stamina in old mice, e.g., the creatures doubled the distance they used to run on a wheel.

The drug also apparently even helped aged enjoy improved coats of fur. "We weren't planning to look at their hair," Dr Peter de Keizer told the BBC, "but it was too obvious to miss."

Image Credit: iStock

Sourced from: BBC