Texas to Allow Deep Fryers and Soda Machines Back in Schools

Deep fryers and soda machines will be allowed back in Texas schools starting in the fall as a result of a decision by the commisioner of the state's Department of Agriculture. The commissioner, Sid Miller, said he wanted to give the choice of permitting deep fryers and soda machines up to the schools themselves, noting that bans on them in recent years has not been effective in reducing obesity rates.

Nutrition experts criticized the decision, and the American Heart Association said the move makes little sense, citing surveys showing most parents support nutrition standards for school meals.

Studies show that 16 percent of Texas high school teens were obese as of 2013, an increase of two percentage points from 10 years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Commissioner Miller said that the previous policy has "resulted in millions of dollars of food not being eaten and thrown away."

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Sourced from: Reuters, Texas return of deep fryers to schools raises obesity concerns