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There's someone in my life for whom I'm very thankful, and she definitely understands migraine. Becky Robert is my daughter in-law and one of my best friends.

It's something I don't talk about often, but as much as I wanted children, it just wasn't in the cards for me. At the age of 31, however, I found myself getting married and gaining two teenage sons as part of the bargain - John Emry and Marshall. Talk about life changes! Of course, life moved on, and John Emry met Becky Scott in college.

Becky is a special education teacher. When she and John Emry had their second child, they decided that she'd be a stay-at-home parent. She loved teaching, and I've always admired that parenting decision. She has played a very active role in their children's lives, education, and other activities. She's been active in their classrooms and field trips, been a Girl Scout troop leader, a real soccer mom, and more. She's a perfect example of stay-at-home parenting being a full-time job, and she's done it splendidly.

Becky is very understanding about not having children of my own being difficult and how much I missed out on. Over the years, she's gone out of her way to include me in many of her children's "firsts." For example: That's John Jeffrey in the photo with her. On one of our visits with them, John (my husband and the first of three generations of John Robert in our family) and I were staying at a hotel with an indoor pool. This is something we've done often over the years since all three grandchildren love swimming. When John Jeffrey was little, they came to the hotel to swim, and Becky and John Emry handed John Jeffrey to me so I could take him into the pool for his first time. Wow!

Becky also has migraine disease. Thankfully, her migraines are episodic and have never been chronic. When she needed a migraine preventive, she worked with her doctor on that as well as finding an effective abortive medication. She handles her migraines with a grace that every migraineur knows is very difficult.

I'm endlessly thankful to have Becky in my life. We're blessed that she and John Emry met, married, and are raising their family. Nobody could wish for a better addition to their family or a better friend.

This time of year, migraine or not, most of us dive into holiday planning as deeply as we're able to. Holidays have become so commercialized that the original reasons for them often seem to be overshadowed. So, between now and January, 2016, we're saying, "Yes," to our readers who asked us to repeat last year's feature project - Thankful Despite Migraine. We'll be sharing the people in our lives for whom we're thankful as well as things, events, and more.

Is there someone or something you're especially thankful for this year? Would you like to share? If so, you can write your own post or post a comment below!

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