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Today, I want to express my thanks for having my migraine specialist, Dr. David Watson, in my life Dr. Dave is the director of the headache center at West Virginia University, and he's not just my migraine specialist. Dr. Dave also works with me here at HealthCentral, answering Ask the Clinician questions with me and reviewing the articles I write.

Dr. Dave does a great deal for all of us with migraine and other headache disorders:

  • I first met Dr. Dave at Headache on the Hill, an annual advocacy event put together by the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, during which patient and health care professionals visit Capitol Hill to educate legislators and urge them to support issues important to all of us.
  • He serves as a health care professional board member for the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy.
  • Dr. Dave also started and has coordinated Runnin' for Research runs/walks to raise sorely needed funding for migraine and headache research.

All in all, I'm very thankful to have Dr. Dave as my migraine specialist, colleague, and friend. _Thank you for everything, Dr. Dave! _

With Thanksgiving later this month, migraine or not, most of us dive into holiday planning as deeply as we're able to. Holidays have become so commercialized that the original reasons for them often seem to be overshadowed. So, between now and January, 2016, we're saying, "Yes," to our readers who asked us to repeat last year's feature project - Thankful Despite Migraine. We'll be sharing the people in our lives for whom we're thankful as well as things, events, and more.

Is there someone for whom you're especially thankful this year? Would you like to share? If so, you can write your own post or post a comment below!

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