The 2-Pound Chocolate Cake, Kilograms to Pounds, and How to Divert Temptation

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I'm back! As I mentioned in my previous post, Avoiding Temptations: But That Looks So Good!, I went on an international trip to Switzerland last week.   As anticipated, my taste buds and hunger were satisfied in the most generous way.

Did you know that the meals in Business Class on an international flight are HUGE!!   I couldn't eat everything offered, and shouldn't have wanted to eat quite everything.   It's not like I'm trying some diet strategy where you're supposed to leave something on your plate at every meal.   It's just the meals were that large and I stopped when I had eaten enough.

Breakfast at the hotel was fantastic, more of a buffet brunch offered past noon.   An excellent selection of Swiss foods, both cold and warm, were included.   I sampled a bit of most everything and again stopped eating when I felt satisfied.   The morning meal was one which lasted me through to dinner time in the evening.

Also in my previously post I mentioned not being able to weigh myself while on the trip, however the hotel room had a bathroom scale.   What a nice surprise!   I weighed myself several times during those five days just to go through the mental exercise of converting kilograms to pounds.   (multiply kilograms by 2.2 to convert to pounds)

My weight fluctuated from day to day, most likely due to the amount of water fluctuation within my body.   On Sunday, May 2, I was shocked that the scale read 111.3 kg (244.9 lbs) which was down from the morning before.   Wow, that's almost my 10% weight loss goal right there.   However, I had had a physically exhausting day the Saturday before, exploring the city, and was likely dehydrated more than anything else.

On Monday, May 3, my weight was 112.3 kg (247.1 lbs) which is more inline with the way my chart has been trending.   So between you and me, that is the number I am using for last week.   This past Sunday, May 9, I weighed in at 247.8 lbs which is still down from the week before I left.   Yay, Lisa!!

Worries regarding temptations and weight gain during the brief European adventure have been subdued.   I'd say that everything went just fine.   I didn't follow through with keeping a food diary, but I did eat consciously and moderately.

The 2-Pound Chocolate Cake

This past Sunday was Mother's Day, the day on which I hold my music studio's annual Spring recital.   As mentioned previously, I ordered a sheetcake for the reception.   Due to some children being sick and not attending, some families having to leave quickly for other obligations, and some families just choosing not to eat any cake, I had a huge amount left over...again.

I guess it's better to have too much than not enough.   One of my families brought a huge bag of individual-serving size potato chips.   Having that 2nd option of 'food' at the reception likely contributed to additional leftover cake. I have leftover potato chip bags.

I'm almost embarrassed to say, but I ate a piece of chocolate cake (with icing) during the 2nd reception.   Then I had a rather large piece of cake that evening at home.   To be honest, it didn't taste quite as good as I remembered and it didn't really offer up any sort of pleasure other than the thought that "finally, I'm having some chocolate cake!"

I decided to store the cake rather than allow it to dry in the open air, and so as not to attract ants in the house.   Cutting the remaining cake into four large pieces, wrapping each piece in seran wrap, and placing those pieces into ziploc baggies, it took two gallon-sized bags to hold it all.   That's a lot of cake!!

My plan had been to put some in the freezer.   Then I thought better of that.   Next plan was to ask my mother to take one bag to work to share, however she didn't want to carry it in.   I mentioned the temptation in a Facebook status and a friend of mine suggested throwing it all in the trash.   Wow, that would be very hard to do.

Instead of the trash, I took one gallon-sized bag of chocolate cake up to the church when I returned the keys.   I hoped that staff members might like the treat, or that somebody would take it home to their children, or that someone else would end up throwing the uneaten leftovers away.

Half of the fat-laden, sugary temptation gone.   Phew.

Then I gave another large piece of cake to one of my piano families last night, a family with four girls.   I know that they are a family who eats moderately but doesn't shy again from a sweet treat.   The girls were thrilled and noted that the entire piece would likely be gone immediately.   Good!!   Mission accomplished.

So now there is still a small amount of cake left and it is all for my mom and boyfriend to finish.   Somehow it is much less tempting now that there is not so much left and it's easier to remember that I really didn't enjoy it all that much.

But you might be wondering about the 2-pound reference.   Well, Monday morning I weighed myself (after having eaten the equivalent of three pieces of cake the day before) and I came in at 249.8 pounds.   Exactly 2 pounds heavier than Sunday morning.   Two pounds!

I think that the sugar in the cake has soaked up some extra water and is holding it ransom in my body.   I'm retaining water and feel rather bloated.   Yuck!!

Today, I'm still 249.8.   I don't know how long this cake-induced water retention is going to last.   But I hope that it resolves fairly soon.   I'd like to have a good weigh-in on Sunday.

While I'm not yet at the stage to throw away any food which offers too much of a temptation, I am pleased that I so easily gave away this excess.   I'm proud of myself.   Temptation diverted and person strength reinforced.   It feels good.

What have you done recently for which you are proud?   I love to get feedback and comments.   Please share and others may be inspired by your stories too.

May 2, 2010
Weight: 247.1 lbs

May 9, 2010
Weight: 247.8 lbs
BP: 128/85
Pulse: 66