The 7 Most Common Causes for Low Blood Pressure

by Alvin Hopkinson Patient Expert

Understanding what causes low blood pressure is important knowledge that all adults should have. There are several different causes for low blood pressure and throughout this article we will get into more detail with the top seven causes. Understanding the causes is your first step in uncovering the truth and determining your level of risk for low blood pressure.

There are several causes for a person's blood pressure to fall below normal. Among these causes are pregnancy, heart related conditions, hormone imbalances and many other health conditions.

The many causes for low blood pressure can be minor with an easy solution with minimal symptoms that cause the individual discomfort and others are more severe with very problematic symptoms. Here are the top 7 causes for blood pressure to drop.

1. Age is a factor in many medical conditions and low blood pressure is one of them. It is common in elderly men and women to experience a drop in their blood pressure after consuming a larger than normal meal.

During the first and second trimester of pregnancy it is not all that uncommon for the blood pressure to become low.

3. Changes in the levels of the blood sugar in a person (generally a diabetic).

4. Medications can also change the blood pressure. The most popular medications that have been known to cause blood pressure to drop are those designed to lower the blood pressure. For example, medications prescribed for high blood pressure treatment can sometimes be the culprit when the blood pressure drops too low.

In addition to medications for treating blood pressure there are other medications that can lower the blood pressure, among them are medications prescribed for some psychiatric conditions and erectile dysfunction.

5. Thyroid disease, adrenal issues and other hormone related conditions can also be the cause for a decrease in blood pressure.

6. Nutritional deficiencies which usually leads to anemia can also lead to a drop in blood pressure.

7. Issues with the nervous system have also been known to lower blood pressure. Autonomic nervous system disorders such as vasovagal syncope and POTS have been known to lower the blood pressure when a sufferer has been standing too long.

Generally speaking, low blood pressure is not considered a medical problem. However, if you experience symptoms that are bothersome you should meet with your medical care provider for an evaluation of your overall health.

In some circumstances there could be another medical condition that might require treatment. Knowing what causes low blood pressure is your key to understanding when your blood pressure drops and knowing how to avoid the drop in your blood pressure.

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