The Benefits of Using Grill-Happy Fruit

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The Health Benefits of GrillingGrilling is one of the more ** healthy ways to cook**. If you have meat eaters to please, they'll get a healthier plate because the fat drips off of meat as it grills, which helps to reduce caloric value.

Shorter cooking time also results in a minimal loss of vitamins and moisture. Vitamins are sensitive to heat, and water and can be lost during the stovetop cooking process. The dry cooking method and abbreviated cooking time with grilling helps preserve the nutrient content in food. High grilling temperatures also help to kill the bacteria that is in food.

If like me, you do not eat red meat then grilled chicken and fish are both healthy and delicious options.

**Grilled Fruit  **If you have never tried it, you'll need to make that change this summer. Even before grilling, fruit tastes great and is quite healthy. Most fruit is low in fat, sodium, and calories, and none have cholesterol. Fruits are sources of many essential but under-consumed nutrients, and rich in potassium that may help maintain healthy blood pressure. The fiber in fruit also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower the ** risk for heart disease.** Vitamin C in fruit repairs all body tissues. But best of all, when fruit is grilled the taste is fantastic.

Grilling causes the sugars in fruit to caramelize into a flavorful dessert treat. Brush a bit of olive oil onto it to further enhance the flavor and prevent the fruit from sticking to the grill grates. Indirect heat will get the best results and it doesn't take very long at all to grill.

Some Suggestions

Watermelon is a popular grilling choice, but the high water content can cause hot water to escape and can burn you if you're not attentive. Allow a few minutes for it to cool before you dig in.

Peaches are another good option. It is best to leave the skin on and peel it after grilling. Grilled peaches pair well with chicken.

Apples are a favorite for most people, and grilling them on an open fire might make them more tasty than traditional apple pie. The heat will soften and sweeten the fruit from the outside.

Strawberries can be skewered and melte to your taste. Strawberry kabobs will take about seven minutes to cook.

Coconuts are another grilled treat. Grill the meat white side down until it is golden-brown, then scrape it away with a knife. A bit of organic dark chocolate has its own health benefits if eaten in moderation, so dipping grilled coconut in dark chocolate makes for a great dessert.

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