The Best Foods to Prep for and Recover from Your Workouts! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Young Jun for HealthCentral

When getting started on, revamping, or continuing a workout routine, one question that often comes up is about fueling your workouts. Is it better to eat before or after a workout? What is best for me to eat? Will I cancel out my workout if I eat afterwards? Well you're in luck. We've got some expert tips on the right way to fuel and recover from your workouts with our Pre- and Post-Workout Fuel infographic! For more detailed tips on what foods might work best for you, HealthCentral expert Carmen Roberts, MS, RD, LDN has put together posts on The Best PRE-Workout Fuel and The Best POST-Workout Fuel with all the information you need.

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Credit: Young Jun for HealthCentral