The Best Way to Naturally Stop Bloating and Gas

by Kenn Kihiu Patient Expert

You can hardly turn the TV on without the bombardment of commercials on indigestion, acid reflux, bloating and gas. The number one selling drugs are all related to gastrointestinal disorders. Here is something you don't have to buy that will help you reduce Bloating, Gas and Constipation. Slow Down when eat youood.

Somehow we have never made the connection between how we eat our food and how we feel afterwards. Food is something to be shared, savored and enjoyed. We live in a culture of instant gratification. Fast food chains are ubiquitous to our landscape, we want everything now and fast and even when we take time to prepare quality meals at home we rush through our food. What's the point of taking time to make something of quality at home if you just swallow it?

Digestion does not start in the stomach it starts at the mouth. Chewing your food thoroughly starts the digestive process as it breaks down the food into smaller pieces. Rushing through your food causes suppression of digestive enzymes which makes digestion difficult causing a large host of problems from bloating, gas constipation and everything else you see on the TV commercials. Here are some 5 easy tips to help you slow down

1. Chew your food about 20-30 times with each bite

2. Cut your food into smaller pieces

3. Put less food into your utensils

4. As often as you can put your utensils and finger foods down between bites

5. Stay relaxed and have a tranquil mind while you eat

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Kenn Kihiu

Kenn Kihiu
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Kenn Kihiu

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