The Changing Face of Osteoporosis: Children,Teens and Young Adults Get Osteoporosis Too!


When most of us think about bone loss we envision an older woman slumped over, with a dowagers hump, or our grandmothers; but many other ages can have bone loss too.

In childhood we see kids with idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis (IJO) or juvenile osteoporosis. Babies can be born with this disorder as well.

Our bone is a living organism and is constantly being built from birth, which is one reason to initiate a good bone health program from an early age so when you reach 30 or 40 you'll already have a good store of calcium and D to prevent bone loss when your reach menopause.

Bone loss is not an old ladies disease; so do something about it now while you are still young.

Girls and boys build 90% of bone by the age of 19 and reach a peak at approximately 30 years of age. Since this silent disease can start so early, we need to teach our children how important exercise, calcium, vitamin D and other bone supplements are. If you have kids, make getting these things a family affair.

Join in with your children during exercise and get your vitamin through food and supplements together. Fortified foods like OJ, cereals, fruit juices and dairy are just a few things that can be incorporated into your diet.

We have a wonderful web site for girls that help to promote good bone health called Best Bones ForeverTM. Girls and Boys can get great ideas from this site and also great recipes along with posting question and answers with their BBF's.

Best Bones ForeverTM is a web site that was launched by the Office of Health and Human Services, along with many other important partners to help encourage pre-teens and teens the importance of making a bone health routine part of their lives. "Healthy bones are important to help you grow strong and stay strong forever!"

NOF Calcium and Vitamin D RecommendationChildren & AdolescentsCalcium (Daily)Vitamin D (Daily)_

1 through 3 years 500 mg 400 IU

4 through 8 years 800 mg 400 IU

9 through 18 years 1,300 mg 400 IU

Note: Best Bone Forever recommends up to 800 IU of D for those 9 through 18 years of age.


You need 60 minutes of physical activity every day - and bone-strengthening activities at least three days a week (BBF Web site).

The Best Bone ForeverTM website has produced a cool exercise video, that our kids will love and where the parents can join in as well.

See the video below from BBF and have a fantastic time incorporating weight bearing exercise through this dance/exercise video.


National Osteoporosis Foundation on Calcium and Vitamin D

Best Bone Forever web site