The Choice I Never Wanted To Make

B.S. Dietetics, Dietitian, Health Professional

In August of 2008 I had a second laparoscopy because the pain had returned and with a vengeance.   They removed more endometriosis and adhesions caused by endometriosis.   They also performed a procedure to sever the nerve that provides pain sensations to part of the uterus and attempted to strengthen the muscles to hold my uterus up into a better position (it felt like it was "falling out").   We tried some hormonal options right away but to no avail.

I had an even shorter lived period of relief after my second laparoscopy than I had after the first.   I spent the next year feeling like a hormonal experiment.   All the while the pain got worse and worse.   When it started to be so bad that it kept me awake through narcotic pain medications I knew something would have to change and quickly.

I never wanted to have a hysterectomy.   More children were always in my "plan" even though we have three beautiful girls.   What I didn't plan for was having a daily amount of life changing pain.   The pain changed the way I reacted to things, the things I loved were impossible to do and everything in my life was altered by chronic pain.   It became impossible to plan for anything because I never knew how I was going to be feeling.

Then there was the issue of bleeding.   I would bleed through the birth control pills and bleed for weeks at a time.   The hormone changes to stop the bleeding ended up giving me massive migraines and I gained 15 pounds.   Hardly worth the trade off.

It wasn't long before I was "done".

I researched hysterectomy and its use in "treating" endometriosis.   My doctor discussed all of my options and verbally weighed the pros and cons with me and my husband.   My doctor let me know what he felt was the best choice for me and I agreed.

On November 30th I had a total hysterectomy.   They removed both my ovaries to prevent them from producing estrogen that could trigger any microscopic endometriosis that was left from growing.   There was also some repair work and pathology that further explained my chronic pain.

Tune in next month as I discuss what the doctor found and healing from surgery, physically and emotionally.