The Depression Connection Question of the Week!

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Hi everybody

I am going to be asking my question of the week early this week as I will not be here for several days.   While I am away please look after the site and each other!   Feel free to answer questions or comment on each other's shareposts.   I am really proud of our community.   I am seeing such wonderful things here.   Please keep doing all the things you do to make this site a safe and supportive place for all.

This week I thought it would be interesting to explore a theme which keeps coming up fairly consistently on My Depression Connection.   Every now and then a wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend will write in asking how depression affects their loved one's ability to feel love.   They want to know things like...has he or she fallen out of love with me or is this just depression and also whether or not therapy and medication can help their loved one to fall back into love.

I don't think there are any black and white answers to this one.   I have already asked one of my fellow bloggers and depression writers to come and address this topic soon.   I specifically wanted a male writer's  pesperctive on this as it seems more women ask this question than not.   Stay tuned for that post.

So let's begin by posing this question back to the community and I would love to hear your responses (from both sexes)  and about your firsthand exeperience with this situation.

My question for this week is:

Can depression cause someone to fall out of love?   Or do you think that troubles within the relationship can cause depression?   And can depression treatment cause a person to fall back in love or find the joys in the relationship they had prior to the depression?

What do you think?   We want to hear what you have to say!