The Goofus Asthmatic: The Lazy Asthma Patient

These asthmatics don't like anything to interfere with their fun. They half-listen to the nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists and don't take their asthma medicine as directed.

These asthmatics think they know how to take care of their asthma, but they don't and don't really try to learn how to manage their asthma properly. If they have an asthma attack (which is often), they go to the ER. When they leave, they only take their preventative medicine until they start to feel better. Then they go back to having fun, until the next asthma attack. But the longer they go without proper asthma management, the more they risk permanent damage to their lungs.

Asthma Attitude: "Asthma action plan? I don't need one of those. I got my asthma under control."

Asthma Strengths: None. But at least they will get help when they need it.

Asthma Weaknesses: Too lazy (or too uninterested) to learn more about asthma.

Lessons to Live By: Do the opposite of what a Goofus would do. Take your asthma medicine as described by your doctor, even when you feel fine. Measure your peak flow and follow a tailored asthma management plan.

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