The Many Benefits of a 'Dry' January


Depending on how hard you partied on New Year's Eve, you may have no qualms about abstaining from alcohol in the early days of 2019. But are there actual health-related benefits to abstaining for the whole month of January? Research from the University of Sussex in England says yes, there are.

The British study involved more than 800 people who participated in a “Dry January” in 2018 and took three online surveys in January, February, and August. Results showed that those who abstained from drinking during the first month of the year were still drinking less eight months later. According to the researchers, benefits included having more energy (67 percent) and better skin (54 percent), improved sleep (71 percent), and weight loss (58 percent).

Additional self-reported benefits:

  • 93 percent of participants felt a sense of achievement
  • 88 percent saved money
  • 80 percent felt more in control of their drinking
  • 70 percent had generally improved health
  • 57 percent had better concentration

Sourced from: University of Sussex