The Martyr Asthmatic: Too Tough For Asthma Treatment

The opposite of Actor asthmatics, Martyr asthmatics could be dying and they still won't go to the ER. They are usually tough, macho adult men who only go to the ER at the insistence of their spouses.

Martyr asthmatics sometimes think their own toughness and sheer willpower will beat their asthma symptoms into submission. They don't seek breathing help when they need it and may forgo asthma medication. If they get help, it's because a spouse or a loved one forces them or pleads with them to do so.

Their biggest fear, although they won't admit it, is that they will be told their asthma is all in their head, and then they'll feel stupid. So, they think it's easier just to pretend they are fine.

Asthma Attitude: "Don't worry about my asthma, buddy. I got it under control."

Asthma Strengths: Martyrs are the opposite of Actor asthmatics and won't overplay their symptoms for sympathy.

Asthma Weaknesses: Breathing trouble is nothing to ignore. Their lungs are not protected by their toughness.

Lessons to Live By: Asthma is a difficult disease and it requires some toughness. But you should never ignore breathing trouble. Get help when you need it immediately and work with your doctor to develop an asthma action plan that will help you manage asthma symptoms on your own.

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