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The Midweek Muse

The theme this week is the Yin and Yang of You.** According to  Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole. Everything and everyone  has both yin and yang aspects, which constantly interact.**

In other words nobody is a cartoon character.   We all have traits which may seem like polar opposites.   We can either look at our diverse nature (including our moods) as a curse or we can view ourselves as fortunate to experience both the light and dark within ourselves and the universe.

For example some Yang aspects may be:   Day, summer, strong, and light.

Aspects of Yin might be Night, winter, weak, and dark.

I always thought that Alanis Morisette did a good job explaining some of this yin/yang stuff in her song, "I'm a b****, I'm a lover"

Here are some of the lyrics:

"I'm a b*** I'm a lover
I'm a child I'm a mother
I'm a sinner I'm a sant
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell I'm your dream
I'm nothin' in between
You know, you wouldn't want it any other way"

Now what about you?   What polar opposites exist within you?

Here are some for me:

Some days I want to be a hermit.   And other days I can't bear to be alone.

I feel so tired at times but other times I feel like I have infinite energy.

I can feel extreme lows but I can also experience great joy.

Sometimes I feel numb and other times I am a living nerve feeling everything.

I want nothing.   I want everything.

Your turn!   Explore your Yin and Yang.   Share a list of your polar opposite traits.   Write a poem.   Or share an image.   Get creative!   We want to hear from you.