The Midweek Muse: Change

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The Midweek Muse

Hi guys

I didn't post yesterday as they were doing some site maintenance and making some changes to the profile sections.   Let me know if you experience any site difficulties.

The theme for today's midweek muse is CHANGE.

If you are like me, the thought of change can be frightening.   Sometimes it can be exciting.   It all depends.   That is the thing about change is that you never know exactly how it will be until the time has passed.   So you wait andd hold your breath.

Here is my creative offering for the topic of change:


It is cooler now. Storms are coming. The air is heavy with impending precipitation. Change will come whether I like it or not.

There are signs of the crossing over of seasons. Today I saw some yellowed leaves on the ground. Change begins with small and almost imperceptible signs. The signs will grow and until they nudge our consciousness to awaken. We take it all in with surprise and exclaim, "Oh yes the days are growing shorter." You wonder how it happens. Where is the line of demarcation? At what point do we say the change has begun? Is it when we finally notice?

I wonder if I will look back upon my words and think..."I am not that person anymore." or will I hold onto what I perceive to be my unchangeable self? What do you hold onto? What do you let go? We can't demand that time stop. The seasons are going to come and go according to their rhythms, not ours.

Perhaps change isn't surprising at all. It is as continuous and fluid as a stream. It is happening every day...every minute. It is happening right now. Change doesn't bear a label of good or bad. It just is.

I picked up one of the little yellowed leaves today...a tiny sign of things to come.

Now we want to hear from you!   If you have a poem, image, short essay, song lyric or other type of creative expression to share on the theme of change...we want to see it.

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Happy Thursday!