The Midweek Muse: Disconnection

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The Midweek Muse

A little inspiration to get you over the hump...

The topic for this week's Midweek Muse is DISCONNECTION.

This is the term I use for that symptom of depression when we feel remote, distant, alienated from the world.   For me it feels like a fading away emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   I call it The Great Disconnect.

Sometimes we disconnect as a way to protect ourselves from pain.   Sometimes we are forced to disconnect because we are too tired or too anxious to feel connected with the world.   And sometimes it is just a way to stop everything so that we can rest.

Here is a little something I wrote when feeling this way:

I feel distant today.

Sometimes the busywork of social interaction seems too heavy, too cumbersome, to allow. I wish to find solace within isolation and solitude.Perhaps the polar regions would suit me.I imagine myself sitting on a blue lit glacier island...floating to the edge of eternal night. The moon is my only friend. Time is abundant here. The world has stopped. There is nothingness as far as I can see. I am frozen here in time and space. There is no past, no future. Just now. Just me.Slowly we move...the glacier and I...through the dark and icy waters.

There is no destination.

Now how about you?   Can you relate to this feeling?   Express it.   Show us what you feel through writing, poetry, art, images, stories, or song lyrics.   Tell us what your experience is like.   I can bet that someone else is feeling the same way.