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There seems to be a pandemic of eBooks about migraine these days. Many of them are promoted quite heavily online. One of these is The Migraine Solution by Chris Holms. I tend to not pay a great deal of attention to most of the eBooks promoted online, but many people had been seeing online advertisements for this one and asking me about it. It doesn't seem right to me to comment on an eBook just from the web sites promoting it, so I bought The Migraine Solution and read it so I could review it for those who had been asking about it.

Quotes from The Migraine Solution:

  1. "This program aims to provide you with the exact formula you need to become completely aligned within your self, so that you can be confident, well balanced and completely migraine-free!"
  2. "The thoughts that you think inside your head have a dramatic influence on your senses and feelings. So when you think thoughts of health and abundance, your mind lets you feel what it's like to be healthy and abundant. This feeling may then follow you around in your daily life."
  3. "The bottom line here is: STOP THINKING ABOUT MIGRAINES!"
  4. "Well, if you truly want to live a life that is completely free of migraines, you must create a few habits (and maybe demolish some too)."
  5. "A completely migraine-free life is best achieved with all of the above in place. You must practice this, it is not easy. You could well cure your migraines just by using my 3 step success system, but it's better if you are in the best position to succeed first."
  6. "Once you have established a definite trigger - avoid it at all costs."
  7. "This means that it is absolutely essential for you to know how to prepare for your own migraines and be ready for them no matter where you are going to be."


My list of pros and cons for the book:


  • The book does address triggers, and quote number six above is good advice.
  • Quote number four above, taken alone and out of the context of the book is quite valid. Healthy habits are an integral part of both overall health and good migraine management.
  • Quote number seven above is definitely good advice for anyone with migraine disease.


  • Promising people they can be "completely migraine-free" is unrealistic and misleading (quote number one above).
  • Quotes number two and three above smacks of blaming the patient for their disease and are beyond insulting. If being migraine-free were that simple, we'd all be "cured."
  • Quote number five above once again mentions a "completely migraine-free life," which is an exceedingly unrealistic goal.
  • Then we move on to quote number seven. Now, if Ms. Holmes can tell us how to be "completely migraine-free," why do we need to know how to be ready for them.

Summary and Other Comments:

On a scale of one to five stars, I give The Migraine Solution one-half star for the few good points the book makes. Unfortunately, those good points can't outweigh its multiple downfalls:

  • Holms talks about living "a life that is completely free of migraines" by creating a few habits. She says that to achieve this we must set some "simple guidelines," for water, healthy food, exercise, and posture. Seriously? I find myself wondering if she has ever truly had migraine, because it's just not that simple. If it were, we'd all be "cured."
  • Talking about managing migraines in a section entitled, "Imagination Rules Supreme," would set us back decades in the understanding that migraine is a genetic neurological disease, not something that's "all in our heads."
  • Her "3 Step Success System is "based upon principles of herbalism," on which she admits that she has no formal qualifications in the field. Yet, she neglects to cite any sources for her advice.
  • In fact, Holms neglects to cite any sources for any of her information other than for her list of potential migraine food triggers. That, by itself, is reason enough to stay away from The Migraine Solution.

Oh, and did I mention that this eBook sells for $39.95? We could take that money and buy some good books. For example, there's an excellent book that we wouldn't want to confuse with this eBook, The Migraine Solution: A Complete Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Pain Management by Liz Neporent; Paul Rizzoli, MD; and Elizabeth Loder, MD, MPH. It's available on Amazon for $6.00 for the paperback (a special price in effect as I write this) and $7.99 for the Kindle version.

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