The Monster Within

Kennedy Brazier

Even as I speak of it, or read or simply write The thought just makes me weak with it, as it lingers to incite...

For sometimes it slowly creeps, as its dreadful plumage begins-.. As it wakes me from my sleep, and calls the monster from within.

A brutal intruder, to say the least, that grows inside my head A random neurological beast, that sends me to my bed--

So I battle the depleting invasion, and attempt to take control Armed with numerous equations, before it takes my weary soul.

And with spiritual guidance, meds and books, my health I will defend- I fight with any type of hooks, to destroy the monster within!

Then with every single day I gain, with no headache or hurt in me. I am proud to have conquered the pain, and set the monster free!

And I live with the hope and high belief, that all who know this pain- Will rid the monster and find relief, from this hurt they call a Migraine!

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