The Month Ahead: #ChronicLife, #ChronicLove, #ChronicSex

Patient Expert

Ah, February. The month of love. What better way to break up the interminable darkness of winter than with chocolate, flowers, spending time with your loved ones (don’t ignore your friends), and… well, more chocolate.


But before we get to talking about love, we like to invite you to the #ChronicLife Anniversary Tweet Chat, which happens February 2, 1-10 PM ET. Yes, it will go for nine hours! Britt and I are going to be taking turns doing a takeover of the HealthCentral @Health_Tips Twitter account, and of course participating through our own account, as well. We’ll be talking about dealing with fear and dealing with life and chronic illness.


To be part of the #ChronicLife chat, go to Twitter and follow @Health_Tips, Britt @HurtBlogger, and me @TheSeatedView. You may also want to do a search for #ChronicLife and follow the live tweets in that way. We’ll see you Tuesday!Tuesday is also RA Day, which will of course be part of our discussions. To commemorate this day of awareness about rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you can get the RA Day virtual ribbon to display on your social media accounts, and this year they have also made a real pin!


But that’s not all! I’d like to introduce you to Anna Legassie, star of our new Live Bold Live Now feature, who is joining our writers team. You’ll see her first post later this week in which she shares tips about nurturing the relationship with your partner when one of you has a chronic illness. Leslie will write about the challenges RA can present in a relationship and Britt is also going to write about the theme of love. More specifically, she’ll write about loving yourself, and building your sense of self-worth.

Not surprisingly, our #ChronicLifeClub theme for February is Love. Share your photos of who and what you love throughout the month on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget the hashtag #ChronicLifeClub so we can find your photos!

We are also going to be looking at the physical side of love. As part of this topic, I’m very much looking forward to my interview with Kirsten Schultz, creator of the weekly #ChronicSex tweet chat (Thursdays, 7-9 PM ET). In another post, I am also going to be talking about self-love, but from a slightly different angle.

But we aren’t going to be stuck in just lovelovelove this month. Leslie will be also writing about coping with the challenges of an invisible illness, and Vanessa is working on something interesting as a bit of surprise for you.

Before I go, I’d also like to encourage you to submit your story of living with RA in our new MyStory feature. Take a look at the stories we have so far for inspiration.

We look forward to talking to you about life, love, and sex with RA and other chronic illnesses this month! Connect with us here on the RA site, and on the RAHealthCentral Facebook page.