The Month Ahead: Doing Something New with a Chronic Illness

Patient Expert

How is the winter season treating you?

Most of the people I’ve been talking to in the chronic illness community are having a rough time. Although this has been a mild winter in many areas, the frequent wild swings of temperature, or moves from a perfectly lovely mild couple of days to massive precipitation is having an impact. RA and Fibro flares, migraines, and other types of chronic pain are making their presence known. For so many of us, this season is the hardest in the year. I hope that the coming weeks will see an improvement for us all.

There is one very good reason why we can all start to feel more hopeful. Spring is only three weeks away! Well, the official first day of spring, anyway. We have decided to celebrate this turn of the seasons to give us and you a distraction from the slush of winter. Our #ChronicLifeClub theme this month is New Things. Post your photos and notes about what new things you are including in your life in March on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget the #ChronicLifeClub hashtag!

The RA site writer team is inspired by Spring and new things, as well. For starters, Anna is going to try a float tank for the first time, and tell us all about what that was like. Later this month, Leslie will be sharing work-related news, including tips on job searching with a chronic illness.

Adding something new to your life isn’t just about doing an activity. It can also be creating change in your life with chronic illness. Britt is going to write about that in her post on Spring cleaning your #ChronicLife. Relatedly, in her second post Anna will tell us what being involved in sports means for herself and her RA.

We will also be dealing with some of the emotional aspects of living with chronic illness. Vanessa will be exploring how to cope with the losses, both physical and otherwise, that can happen when you have a chronic illness. Later this month, I’ll write about anxiety and RA, and Leslie will share what living with two chronic illnesses has taught her.

What’s new in your life? How do you cope with winter? Share your stories with us in a SharePost here on the RA site, or on the RAHealthCentral Facebook page.