The Month Ahead: Getting in the Zone for Change with Chronic Illness

Patient Expert

I’m talking about getting ready for school and working and it’s only August 1?

That’s okay. We’ll approach it gently, and who better than Marianna? Her post this month will help you get ready for going back to school or work without too much resentment about the impending end of summer.

For many of us, the educational calendar sticks around and September feels as much -- or even more -- like the start of a new year than January does. In August, we are going to tap into that spirit and talk about many different ways of starting over, getting organized, and doing it all while being considerate of your chronic illness.

One of the quintessential ways of starting over is to move into a new home. Britt recently experienced this, and will talk about how to make that busy process easier when you have RA. In her first post, Leslie will also reflect on this theme. She’ll write about how to fit in self-care and being good to your chronic illness, while juggling the demands of a busy life.

But what if you can’t? What if your chronic illness affects your ability to do what you need and want to do? I’ll delve into the guilt that can accompany such a situation, and what to do to cope with it.

Anna’s focus this month is mental obstacles and how they can trip us up. The first post will look at the barriers your mind can put in the way of enjoying your #ChronicLife. In her second post, she’s going to take a look at how your mind can keep you from trying something new. She’ll challenge a long-time mental block of her own and share her experience with us.

We’re also going to take a look at what you can do to get back in the swing of things by taking care of your RA and your health in general. Sometimes, that will mean reevaluating your treatment and looking at options. I’ll take a closer look at that. Leslie will also do a post on an aspect of RA care, specifically seeing a rheumatologist after a period of being away.

And in the midst of all of this, we will all be immersed in the summer Olympics from Rio. This will be my inspiration to take a closer look at Zika and other similar illnesses.

We look forward to talking to you about these and other topics here on the RA site, as well as on our very active RAHealthCentral Facebook page.

What are you doing to get back in the swing of things?

Lene writes the award-winning blog The Seated View. She’s the author of Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Tools for Managing Treatment, Side Effects and Pain and 7 Facets: A Meditation on Pain.