The Month Ahead: Holidays, Health and Hope

Patient Expert

As I prepared to write this post to tell you about our plans for December, I wondered where the year went. It was just summer last week it seems and now it's snowing outside my window. Up on the corner they're selling Christmas trees, pine cones and reindeer made of slender birch trunks and people in my neighborhood have started tormenting each other with the annual question of "have you finished your shopping yet?" I'm pretty sure the goal is to find someone who's more disorganized and stressed that you are yourself.

The holiday season has taken off like a rocket with the Thanksgiving celebrations and subsequent retail celebrations of Black Friday weekend. Throughout this month, we'll all be rushing around, getting ready for the holidays. There's shopping to be done, parties to go to, presents to wrap and that's on top of everything else we're already doing. Remember that this time of year is a marathon, not a sprint and pace yourself - your chances of having a happy holiday season increase when you take care of yourself. Lisa Emrich has already posted about how to make sure you make it through in one piece and it might not be a bad idea to remind yourself of the Spoon Theory of energy conservation.

Sometimes when we overdo - and sometimes for no reason at all - RA pokes up its head and insists on a sick day. Sara Nash will write about what happens when you have to call in sick because of RA and dealing with concerns or questions from your colleagues when they don't know you have a chronic illness. To help you stay healthy through this season of overindulgence and overexertion, Lisa is going to write about nutrition - we're not saying you shouldn't have the eggnog, but perhaps have some carrots before you dive into the Christmas cookies.

As the year comes to a close, we'll be looking back at the past 12 months, where we've been, what we've done and we'll start to look forward to where we're going.

Lisa will be writing about reasons to feel proud and sharing her own personal story of weight loss and Sara will be doing a "year in review" post from a personal perspective. As for me, I'll be touching on different aspects of the year in review and taking a peek at the future. Later this month, I'll tell you about some of the things that have happened in the rheumatology field when I write about a recent RA forum I attended in Toronto and in a post published later this week, I'll write about some of the things we might consider as we enter 2011.

The members of your MyRACentral team are taking some time off this month, but we've made sure that the site won't be left uncovered for more than possibly a couple of days just around the Christmas weekend.

Lene: December 13-26 (still posting on the 15th, though)
Lisa: December 22-31
Sara: December 24-January 3
Ronie: will be - and I quote - "flying by the seat of her pants" and scattering time off throughout the month.

We hope that you, the wonderful members of our community, will continue to provide the excellent support and expertise for each other, as well. If you notice any technological bugs while I'm away, please submit the problem to our Tech Team through our Contact Us page.

We look forward to seeing you around the site and reading about what's going on in your lives and we wish you the happiest of holidays seasons