The Month Ahead: The Holidays and the Future with RA

Patient Expert

There’s so much pressure to be perfect this time of year. It’s important to find the perfect gift, host the perfect party, find the perfect tree (and decorate it perfectly) - all while looking like a model from a glossy magazine.

And then there’s reality. Which is much, much different. No matter how hard we try, it’s not perfect.


I’d like to argue that in that imperfection itself lies what’s perfect for you. Your holidays aren’t about a spectacular tree, it’s about the one that’s slightly crooked, but hung with the decorations your kids have made. It’s about the laughter you and your family shared over the pie that didn’t turn out quite right, and getting to the Big Night without making your RA flare. And most importantly, it’s the love you feel for each other, regardless of the gift.

We’d like to encourage you to share what makes your holidays unique and special in December’s #ChronicLifeClub. Take a picture of what you love about the holidays and post it on our RAHealthCentral Facebook page or on Twitter. Don’t forget the hashtag #ChronicLifeClub. A selection will appear in a slideshow early in the new year.

And that’s what this month is about here on HealthCentral’s RA site: helping you to celebrate the holidays and the new year your way. Vanessa is going to share tips for making holiday shopping easier with RA, because the easier the shopping is, the more energy you have for everything else that needs to get done. You may want to also make it easier for your loved ones to shop for you. Share this list with gift ideas for people with RA.

As we already have some great articles for surviving the holidays with RA, this year, we also want to focus on the future. Later this month, I’ll write about resolutions for RA, and Britt is going to share her thoughts on choosing your own path when you have a chronic illness. Leslie is going to join us in this theme, exploring her dreams of the future with RA, as well as the future of this disease.

Although we are big fans of the December holidays, we’re not going to just focus on making merry this month. We will also bring you informative articles about RA itself, including some interesting new research and an article about what to do when things aren’t working out with your rheumatologist.

We look forward to hearing your stories of how you deal with your RA and the holiday here and on our Facebook page, and of course to see your photos on #ChronicLifeClub!