The Month and Year Ahead: Adapting to Life with RA

Patient Expert

Happy New Year We hope this first day of 2015 finds you happy, as pain-free as possible, and only slightly worse for wear after last night's celebrations.

Every year, we select a theme for the RA site that guides the articles we write for you throughout the coming 12 months. Last year, we brought you Back to Basics, to help build a solid foundation upon which to create a better life. Once you have that, the natural next step forms our 2015 theme: Adapting to Life with RA. Throughout the year, we will write articles related to adapting to the "new normal" of living with RA, as well as other relevant topics. Later this month, I'll kick things off with some tips on how to adapt.

Do you remember the Live Bold documentaries HealthCentral released a year ago? They profiled a person with a particular health issue and told the story of how they had persevered and created a good life. I was the subject of the RA documentary. Within the next few weeks, we will launch updates of a few of those documentaries, among them a piece on moving on and adapting with RA, starring myself and Brad. Both of us will write posts telling you more about the experience.

January is a time of beginnings and making plans for the next year. Marianna is going to lend a helping hand by giving you tips on how to make an excellent plan that will get you where you want to go. And while you are in the research phase, you can also look forward to Vanessa's post on how to use technology to improve your life with RA. As well, I'll be putting on my dreamer's hat and exploring RA treatment in the future.

Technology can also make work easier, something that many of us are keen to do. Last year, we posted about your rights as an employee with RA, but what if you're self-employed? Leslie will write about what it's like to be self-employed with a chronic illness.

What about the now? If you're in pain from doing too much over the holidays, you may also be feeling anxious. Britt is going to explore the link between anxiety and pain and how to cope. One way to help support your joints is by making sure your muscles are as strong as possible. Leslie will take a look at why it's important to take care of your muscles and how to do it.

One of the key aspects to adapting to life with RA is to make sure your general health is not neglected. We'll be bringing you posts on taking care of other aspects of your health throughout the year, In January, Lisa is going to start with telling you about folic acid and how it can be an important part of life with RA. As well, she will also take a look at thyroid disease and how it may connect to managing your RA.

What are your plans for this year? We look forward to reading your ideas in the comments section, SharePosts, on our Facebook page and Twitter throughout 2015!