The New Diabetes Breakfast

by David Mendosa Patient Advocate

She wrote that her doctor sold her a vegan protein powder that he suggests she have for breakfast. "But it has 21 grams of carbs," she added with some concern, asking me if she should return it. "What protein shake do you have for breakfast?" she asked.

In reply I wrote that first, I have never heard of a doctor that didn't mark up the cost of whatever he or she sells far above what you can buy it locally and what is even much more expensive than what you would pay online.

Second, 21 grams of carbohydrate for breakfast -- to say nothing of the carbs in the milk or milk substitute you use with it -- will raise our blood sugar far too much.

I recommend Jay Robb Non-GMO Vanilla Whey Protein Isolate powder or Jay Robb Non-GMO Egg White Protein powder. I love the chocolate flavor. One serving of the first has only 1 gram of carbs and one serving of the second has only 4 grams of carbs.

I told her that she can probably buy it locally at Sprouts or Whole Foods. But has the best prices that I have found.

  • Hemp milk

What we mix the powder with also counts, I replied. For years I used unsweetened almond milk, which has 2 grams of carbs per 8 oz. serving. A friend I stayed with recently turned me on to hemp milk, which has only 1 gram. No THC, even where I live in Colorado! I prefer the Tempt brand rather than the other brand, which has carrageenan that is a suspected carcinogen.

I'm still undecided whether to use whey or egg white protein powder. Whey is cheaper, but egg white has more complete mix of the essential amino acids, making it a more complete protein, as Nutrition shows. But both are healthy and delicious.

David Mendosa
Meet Our Writer
David Mendosa

David Mendosa was a journalist who learned in 1994 that he had type 2 diabetes, which he wrote about exclusively. He died in May 2017 after a short illness unrelated to diabetes. He wrote thousands of diabetes articles, two books about it, created one of the first diabetes websites, and published a monthly newsletter, “Diabetes Update.” His very low-carbohydrate diet, A1C level of 5.3, and BMI of 19.8 kept his diabetes in remission without any drugs until his death.