The Phlegmatic Asthmatic: The Calm Asthma Patient

These folks are not easily excited into action. They are very composed and calm even under the worst situations. You may not even be able to tell they are having breathing trouble.

Phlegmatic. Definition:having or showing a stolid temperament. Unemotional.

How do you know you're dealing with a phlegmatic asthmatic? You won't unless they tell you they have asthma. These are the zen asthmatics who appear to be accepting of their condition, don't lose their cool and quietly deal with breathing trouble.

Asthma Attitude: "I am having trouble breathing, but panicking won't help me."

Asthma Strengths: They remain calm with breathing trouble. That's good, stress is an asthma trigger and can make an asthma attack worse.

Asthma Weaknesses: Sometimes breathing trouble is serious and requires immediate medical attention. It doesn't pay to ignore the severity of your asthma trouble.

Lessons to Live By: Get help as soon as you need it, but try to stay as calm as you can.

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