The Social Stigma of MS

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Hi guys

Okey is Thursday once again and it is time for a new question of the week!

I was just talking about this over at the Depression site but I had this little petty experience in Target the other day which had my fuming.

Due to the MS I am finding that I am not as with it anymore and particularly when there is a lot of stimulation such as in crowds.   Seems like no matter the time of day, Target is always crowded.   And I was in line buying shoes for my son.   I purposefully carry a little purse so that I can find things in it.   But nonetheless I got all flustered and had trouble finding my credit card.   Had to pull everything out.   Of course this didn't take that long but the clerk's face was so full of attitude as though I was taking an hour.   And then of course I put my credit card in the slot the wrong way.   And then I did it again.   Instead of helping me, the clerk just looked even more angry at me.   By the time I bought the shoes I felt bad about myself.   But then I felt a growing anger.   This wasn't the first time I became confused in a store.   It seems to be happening more to me.   And I just want a little kindness.   You know? question this week is...**How do you handle how the public may treat you due to your MS symptoms?   Do you ever take the time to educate them?   Do you get angry?    What is the best response to  the impatience or attitude of others towards you due to your  MS?  **

As always I always appreciate your responses.   I know you have been there and done that.   I respect you all for all that you go through  with your  MS.   It ain't easy is it?