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Say Buh-Bye to Soda

If you are one of those who feels that Coca Cola is delicious and refreshing and flows from every fountain and that you'll go better refreshed and that it is a passport to refreshment or that it's the real thing or the only thing like Coca Cola is Coca Cola itself or that Coke knows no season or that it is the pause that brings friends together or that you need to have a Coke and a smile and you have had weight loss surgery, then I have some bad news for you.

Perhaps you believe that Pepsi is delicious and healthful and beats the others cold and has something for everyone and refreshes the world and is the choice of a new generation and the high sign of refreshment. That's all fine, but if you have had weight loss surgery then I have some more bad news for you.

Perhaps you just enjoy a cold soda on a hot summer's day. Understandable, but if you have had weight loss surgery then please accept my apology because I have yet more bad news.

Drinking soda after weight loss surgery is about as bad as an idea can get.** Soda After Weight Loss Surgery: The Big Hurt**

Drinking soda after weight loss surgery is taboo for a simple reason -- it's gonna hurt.   Carbonated drinks are not user friendly for weight loss surgery patients because gas can get into the surgically constructed pouch. The stomach pains caused by this can go beyond belly-ache proportions and actually be quite painful. If soda is had at a point too soon after surgery, internal bleeding becomes a possibility.

Dumping syndrome, a problem that results when sugars enter the small intestine without being digested in the stomach, also can occur after drinking certain carbonated beverages. The intestines will draw in water to dilute the sugar and cause a decrease in blood volume. Symptoms of dumping syndrome include weakness, nausea, cold sweats, and diarrhea.

Drinking carbonated beverages after gastric bypass surgery also can have a negative effect on weight loss. If gas from carbonated drinks stretches the pouch and makes it larger, the patient will then require more food to feel full.

Soda Is Not Healthy in General

Weight loss surgery aside, soda is not very good for you to begin with. Danish researchers have discovered that drinking non-diet soda increases dangerous and hidden fats.

Those subjects who drank regular cola had increases in liver fat, skeletal fat, triglyceride blood fat, and other organ fats.

Some soda brands are using a toxic flame retardant chemical ingredient to prevent the artificial flavoring from separating from the rest of the liquid.

Finally, there are many soda brands that are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, a man-made compound that has been shown to cause heart damage.

Weight loss surgery or not, crossing soda off of your to do list might not be a bad idea.

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