The Top Heart Health Stories Of The Year

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How will you boost your heart health and well-being this year? From New Year’s resolutions to cigarette smoking to red meat consumption, we’ve compiled our most relevant, interesting, and helpful pieces from this past year, all featuring tips and guidance to support you in the new year.

New Year Resolutions For Your Heart

A new year is a clean slate! It’s a chance to say goodbye to bad habits and hello to better health. From heart-pumping exercise to daily de-stressing, here are some resolutions you can make for improved heart health.

Quit Smoking with These Behavior Swaps

Smoking cigarettes not only harms your lungs, it impacts your entire body…including your heart. Quitting is much easier said than done. Whether it’s stress or social situations, every smoker has their triggers. Use these tips to counteract your triggers and make this your year to quit.

Red Meat Increases Your Risk for Heart Disease AND Cancer

You do not need to eliminate red meat from your diet, but you do need to make healthy choices when selecting the type, preparation method, quantity, and frequency of red meat you will consume.

Cholesterol Consumption Recommendations Explained

In 2015, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee stated cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption, starting a media frenzy of confusing information. Is cholesterol something you need to watch in your diet or not?

How We Can Be Heart Advocates in 15 Minutes or Less

Heart disease comes in many forms. It can be mild to severe; non-life-threatening or life-threatening; diagnosed or undiagnosed; debilitating or not. One issue that all forms of heart disease have in common is a lack of adequate research funding. What step can you take to be an advocate for yourself and others?

7 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure without Medication

You can lower blood pressure through diet and lifestyle changes. Implement these seven steps to improve your levels in 2016.