The Top New Apps on the Market for Psoriasis

Patient Expert

There are many apps for skin care, but few dedicated to the 125 million people worldwide who have psoriasis. Up to 5.5 billion people will use phone apps by 2017 according to recent tech reports. And as technology advances, patients will be afforded more opportunities to use it to the advantage of their health.

From my research of psoriasis apps, some of them are great, while others have a lot to improve upon...

Here are 4 notable phone apps which have been designed for those who have psoriasis:

1. My Psoriasis (MyPso) by Leo Pharma made its debut in October 2015. This app allows you to log your symptoms, triggers, and treatments, to assist you with keeping track of how your disease progresses over time. It does so by asking you questions about itching, scaling, dryness, social discomfort, and stress.

Additionally, you can track the particular food and drink you had for the day. This helps the app analyze how these things relate to your psoriasis and make your skin react. Once evaluating your results, MyPso has the feature of tracking how your disease changes in increments of 2 weeks, 3 months, and 1 year.

Psoriasis app.
Alysha Bridges

The app also shows symptoms other community members are suffering from. In addition to these great features, the app provides tips and other resourceful information. I found it very user-friendly and a unique tool for psoriasis patients to utilize. So far it’s the only one of its kind on the phone app market for psoriasis.

2. The Point of Care Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis app brings a lot of comprehensive information about auto-immune disease that affects the skin, but it is not user-friendly and uses a lot of medical terminology patients are probably not familiar with. While there is a good source of scholarly material to read, it is also very hard to navigate through the app efficiently. The app store description states the app is intended for medical professionals “who interact with and/or treat patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.”

The app provides a variety of topics in regards to psoriasis treatment, screenings, diagnosis, and prognosis. With the use of videos, hyperlinks, illustrations, and other media resources, this app has the potential to be a great resource for the psoriasis community, but it lacks direction, is confusing, and contains way too much information.

3. My Psoriasis Team claims to be “the only social network dedicated to those who are living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.” Within the app you are able to manage an account which prompts for information such as your personal story, questions and concerns, pictures, and much. You also have the ability to share info with others who are also using the app.

Psoriasis app.
Alisha Bridges

When using the app there is a post option which ask “how is your day,” and from there you have the option of answering "good," "bad," or "so/so." Next, you are given the ability to express how you are feeling in your own words through a status, similar to options Facebook or twitter provides. You can also filter searches to find people in your area, those using similar treatments, and other with similar symptoms. This is a great app to connect with others who have psoriasis.

4. The Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photpp arrived on the scene in August 2015. It allows users to donate photos for different causes one of which is psoriasis. For every photo donated Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) up to $25,000.  Each participant can donate one photo per day. So far 4,686 photos have been donated. While the NPF is in second place for most donated photo, the foundation has a long way to go before they hit the $25,000. Many of the photos posted provide encouragement for others to live despite their disease with the use of memes and personal photos.