The Untold Story: Heart Disease is a Reversible Process

by William Davis, M.D. Health Professional

There's an important story not being told:

Heart disease is a reversible process.

For the great majority of people, coronary heart disease is something that you can gain control over.

I'm referring to coronary disease in all its forms: heart attack, angina, and the world of procedures intended to deal with it like angioplasty, stents, and bypass surgery. It's the disease that is responsible for a big chunk of the $400 billion dollars spent each and every year on delivery of heart care services. It's the disease that allows hospitals to wage multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for heart programs. It's a disease that has made many people in healthcare rich.

I predict that these things will, given time, become relics of the past.

Let me qualify something first. When I say reversal, I am not referring to some pie-in-the-sky claim that you take on faith. Remember those? Eat a low-fat diet and heart disease will be reversed. Be a vegetarian and heart disease will be reversed. Flush out your colon with 'cleansing' enemas and heart disease will be reversed. There are a lot of approaches that promise reversal of heart disease. Time has proven they're virtually all nonsense.

In this space, I'd like to relate my experience in reversing coronary heart disease. I mean measurable and often substantial reversal. The measure that I use is the heart scan. Our current record for reversal is a 63% drop in heart scan score.

I will discuss many of the tools and issues that arise in this quest to conquer heart disease. Most of the tools you will find readily within reach of nearly everyone. Among the tools critical to this approach: a nutritional approach that conforms to your physiology; nutritional supplements like omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and niacin; lipoproteins, the new age of cholesterol testing that makes the diagnosis of heart disease causes almost obvious and sheds light where conventional cholesterol testing can fail you miserably; how attitude can tip the scales in your favor; the enormously exciting developments in the world of vitamin D supplementation, a phenomenon that promises to turn the heart disease world topsy-turvy.

Ask your neighborhood cardiologist and you will quickly discover that reversal of heart scan scores and reversal of heart disease is not supposed to be possible. It isn't even in their lexicon. In fact, many view heart scan scores like an aneurysm: "We'll just watch it until it gets really bad and then we'll 'fix' it with a hospital procedure."

Reversal of heart scan scores is something I do every day, day in, day out. It's not that tough.

Anyway, that's what I will relate in this space: My experience in bucking the conventional notion that heart disease carves an inevitable path to the hospital. It's not true. Heart disease is something you can seize control over. It does require some unique ideas and some unconventional tools. But it can yield benefits in health that will change the landscape of heart disease in future. It's part of the grand experiment in health that the HealthCentral website is also part of: The move towards self-empowerment in health.

William Davis, M.D.
Meet Our Writer
William Davis, M.D.

William R. Davis is a Milwaukee-based American cardiologist and author. He wrote for HealthCentral as a health professional for Heart Health and High Cholesterol.