The WaveSense Blood Glucose Meter

Patient Expert

Since I'm no longer on my pump, I have the freedom to search for a new meter of any brand   I think I'm gonna try a couple of meters and see how each fits into my lifestyle and more importantly how it operates!

I'm starting with the WaveSense, since they were kind enough to leave a comment about the cost of their strips, and I was already looking at their meter because I've already been using the WaveSense iphone app.

WaveSense makes 3 blood glucose meters.   The Keynote,** Presto** and the** Jazz**.

All 3 meters have these features in common:

Test results in 3 seconds.

Small sample, even smaller than what I use for one touch.


14, 30 and 90 day averages.

6 user settable alarms to help remind you to test! (no more forgetting my bedtime test!).

Hyper/hypo glycemic warning alarms.

Rubber grips and feet for easy holding.

AST, alternative site testing, to allow for testing in the forearm, palms or fingers. (Thus the reason for the clear cap they give you for lancing device.)

The differences between the 3 meters:** Keynote** requires coding for the test strips.   That's that little number on the bottle of strips. This is their basic model, not many bells and whistles, perfect for many people, like me! Cost for a system kit was 12.03 on Amazon.   Strips 50 ct were $16.95

Presto requires no coding, but features are exactly the same as keynote. The Presto is what I ordered. My total purchase for the WaveSense system kit, which is their starter kit, and strips was $41.24. Test strips were $21.25 for a 50 count bottle.   The starter, or system kit was 19.99, but you can also order just the meter for $14.99.

Jazz is their cadillac meter. Read David Mendosa's post on the Jazz. The Jazz requires no coding, has large display numbers for easy reading, backlight, pre/post mealtime markers, Daily Digest, 1,865 test memory. There will be a wireless Jazz for wirelessly uploading your info to your computer, but it is waiting for FDA approval. The Jazz was not available on Amazon, but through, the system kit $39.95 and strips 50 ct were $44.95.

Keynote Pro/Presto Pro- has a test strip ejector. These are designed for institutional use, but can be used for home use if you prefer, not to handle the used strips.

Another reason I was anxious to try WaveSense was their accountability on accuracy! Wavesense uses technology unique to them called Dynamic Electrochemsitry, which is coupled with algorithms to correct for the number of errors that are common in blood glucose meters, like chemical interferences such as vitamin c from orange juice, or environment conditions such as altitude and temperature and manufacturing variations. There is also a data page for more detailed studies.

So without hesitation, I went to and bought a WaveSense Presto Meter and a bottle of 50 strips. There is a free meter offer available now from Wavesense Direct. Additionally, if you have health insurance and order through WaveSense Direct they have a program to reduce your copay!

When my WaveSense arrived, I got a meter, compact carrying case, lancing device, 10 -33 gauge lancets and 10 test strips to get me started.

The meter was shorter in length then my One Touch mini, but wider.   However, with everything in the carrying case, the entire WaveSense kit was much smaller then the carrying case of the One Touch Mini! It is slightly lighter in weight then my mini as well.

With both the Keynote and Presto, you could put these meters in your pocket and no one will know it's there!   For women who carry a purse, it's no different then the One Touch mini, except for this fact, the strips cost less then One Touch!

One very big advantage to my Medtronic Minimed pump was the ability to store my information wirelessly from the meter to the pump and upload all of my information from the pump to their website.   Everything was online for my cde and my doc to review at anytime. So I am interested in finding a meter that will offer the same easy access for my diabetes team and cut down the paper trial I have to keep.

WaveSense makes software called Zero-Click to upload your stored information from your meter to your computer, but the limitation is that the software is only applicable to PCs using XP, and Vista 32.   They are working on a Vista 64 version.   Big bummer is that it does not work on a MAC! My only fall back here was to borrow my husband's MAC that has Windows XP and see if the software will work.

The company site has a free version of WaveSense Zero-Click software< > you can download for free, but you need to buy the USB cable.   Amazon had the disc and cable package, which was $49.95. However, you can buy just the cable from for $19.95 and then download Zero-Click from the site, saving yourself $30.00.

The software programs are Daily Digest, where key information is placed on the front page making it easy for a quick overview.** Favorite Reports** allows you to view and print reports.   Virtual Meter allows you to change your settings on your meter using your computer instead of thumbing through the menu button on the meter. There are more programs to choose, but these were the ones I saw as most useful.

The iphone app, is very easy to use and I think, the best of the diabetes iphone apps at the moment.   I tried one that was 7 clicks before I could input my blood sugar!   I'd rather write it down at that point!   But this app is really superior!   Anyone with an iphone can use it, regardless of the meter you choose.

The buttons along the bottom of the iphone app screen read: Home, Add, Data, Share, Info.** Home** page comes up with your last blood glucose reading. Not only does it take your blood sugar reading, but you can add grams of carbs, and how many units of insulin you took at the time.

Add allows you to put in a new blood sugar, carb and insulin.

Data allows you to look at a trend chart, logbook and your stats.

Share allows you to send out your reports with your doc or CDE in an email from your iphone.   You have the choice at the top of the page for 7 day, 14 day, 30 day and 90 day reports, or you can customize the report you want to send.

Info is setting and help icons for the app.

Also WaveSense Keynote can be found under different brand names:

In the US under Liberty Meter, Itest in Canada, Wellion Linus in Europe and Gracepro in China.   Here is the link to brand name page.

I like many of the features of this meter and for it's value you can't beat the technology and accuracy rating!   The company AgaMatrix only manufactures one product, WaveSense Blood Glucose Meters; therefore their meters are proving to be a cut above!