The Best Thing Since Sliced Apples

The apple industry is booming since it started cutting itself up.

Researchers at Cornell noticed entire apples were often tossed into the trash uneaten. But what would happen, they wondered, if the apples were sliced before being served? Well, a pair of studies found that total apple consumption and jumped more than 70 percent when schools served sliced apples.

"It sounds simplistic, but even the simplest forms of inconvenience affect consumption," Prof. David Just of Cornell tells The Washington Post. "Sliced apples just make a lot more sense for kids."

It’s not just in school cafeterias. Apple producers are selling pre-sliced produce nationwide, most famously at restaurants such as McDonald’s. They’ve seen apple consumption grow 13 percent since 2010, reaching more than 17 pounds of apples eaten per person in 2013.

Sourced from: The Washington Post, A clever tweak to how apples are sold is making everyone eat more of them