The body’s production of fructose linked to obesity

In addition to the fructose you eat, obesity and insulin-resistance may be linked to the fructose your body makes from non-fructose containing carbohydrates, according to a study published in Nature Communications.

Previous studies have focused on the role of added sweeteners, such as high fructose corn syrup and table sugar as risk factors for obesity and insulin resistance, and several studies have found that the risk from these added sugars may be due to the fructose content. But, the new study found that fatty liver and insulin resistance may result from fructose produced in the body.

For the study, researchers looked at mice, which were able to convert glucose to fructose in the liver. This conversion was an important factor in driving the development of obesity and insulin resistance in mice that were fed glucose. Researchers say the fructose generated from the glucose is primarily responsible for how carbohydrates cause fatty liver and insulin resistance.

Researchers said that this may be why high glycemic foods increase risk for obesity and other issues. The new study challenges the dogma that fructose is safe, and that only high glycemic carbohydrates need to be restricted. In fact, the high glycemic foods are generating fructose, which is considered a low glycemic sugar.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Researchers Link Obesity and the Body's Production of Fructose