The healthiest state in the country: Vermont

The results are in, and this year’s honor for the healthiest state in the country goes to: Vermont…again.  This is Vermont’s fourth consecutive year in the top spot.  Things were looking dicey for Vermont in the 1990 when they were ranked 20th for two consecutive years.  But, improvements in the state’s overall health as well as easy access to health insurance and primary care physicians now has them dominating the top spot.  Vermont does seem to have a pesky binge drinking problem, but their low rates of infectious diseases and high per capita health funding easily makes up for the deficit.

On the bottom of the list is Mississippi and Louisiana who have been ranked among the bottom three states since the 1990s.  Their low rankings are mostly attributed to the high rates of obesity, diabetes and smoking in these states.

Sourced from: America's Health Rankings, United States Overview: 2012