The Oral Sex Gender Gap

The inequality for women in the boardroom may well be carried over into the bedroom, as well. A study from the U.K. has found that there is a decided gender difference in the area of giving and receiving oral sex. And it’s not exclusively the result of male attitudes.

The findings, published online in the Journal of Sex Research, indicate that men and women both view cunnilingus as a “bigger deal” than fellatio – an attitude that seems to reflect the widespread negative attitudes both genders have towards female genitalia.

The study team interviewed 71 heterosexual British men and women (37 women and 34 men) aged 16-18. Both genders described it as more “distasteful” for a man to perform cunnilingus than for a women to perform fellatio. In addition, both genders indicated that it was a less complicated task when performed on a man than on a woman.

The young women seemed to share this negative feedback about their bodies. Many had unfavorable impressions of their own bodies and expressed anxiety about having their private areas near a partner’s face during oral sex.

A 2015 study found that although women are more than twice as likely to “go down” on their male partners they are less likely to enjoy doing so. More than half of the men involved in the study reported enjoying performing cunnilingus compared to only 28% of women who reported enjoying fellatio.

The researchers concluded that for young adults to enjoy their sex life to the fullest, education encouraging the discussion and agreement on sexual activities that both participants want to do is vital.

Sourced from: Medical Daily, Going Down: Gender Inequality Exists When It Comes To Attitudes About Oral Sex