TheraSpecs Glasses for Migraine - End-of-Year Sale

Patient Expert

Are your eyes more sensitive to light during a Migraine? Are they more sensitive to light between Migraines? Increased sensitivity to light is common both during and between Migraines. There can also be other issues with light including the flicker of fluorescent lighting, bright sunlight, and more.

A while back, I reviewed TheraSpecs, special glasses developed to help Migraineurs with the problems presented by light. Today, I want to let you know that TheraSpecs is having a holiday/end-of-the-year sale.

The sale offers a 20% discount on all TheraSpecs and a 10% discount on their already discounted combination packs. The sale runs now through January 1, 2013. To take advantage of the sale, go to their web site and use the coupon code Z4MT3C4PQW.

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