Is There Such A Thing As An Inverted Clitoris?


Asked by Nieve In Tennessee

Is There Such A Thing As An Inverted Clitoris?

I have never had an orgasm the way other women apartly do. There is not an area that my husband can find that can cause me to have an orgasm. The only way I have been able to have an orgasm is by humping. So finally I need to ask if there is such a thing as an inverted clitoris?


Nieve In Tennessee


The manner in which you get an orgasm is actually quite "normal" - many women do not get an orgasm through traditional sexual intercourse. Some get it through manual stimultation of their G spot, some using a dildo or other device and some women struggle to find orgasmic relief. You might play with your partner gently trying to change his position during intercourse so you can find the right "rubbing point.'

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